Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Artist Spotlight: VISUAL MALAISE

VISUAL MALAISE; artist Chris Bilyeu's moniker and title for his upcoming solo exhibition at the Tin Can-- but his artwork is anything but.

You can find the prolific San Diegan's work on skateboards, in zines, on fliers plastered all over the city, on Doods Foods shirts (if you're familiar with the Tin Can, he won the Doods Foods shirt contest!), and soon his work will be up in the Tin Can for a whole month. VISUAL MALAISE opens Tuesday, May 13th at Tin Can featuring live music by heavyheads CRYPTIC LANGUAGES

Bilyeu answered a few questions for Magic Brotherhood, read now:

MAGIC BROTHERHOOD: Your upcoming show at Tin Can is called Visual Malaise. What can you tell us about this name/moniker? 
CB: a good friend of mine suggested i find something a bit cooler sounding than my name to present my work under. I let the idea marinate in my head a bit, and realized I should go with one of my zine titles seeing as how i already had a bunch made up. Visual Malaise stuck out to me the most, and i just went with that. French words sound fancy, and the meaning of the word "malaise" strikes me as funny also.

 MB: What can we expect to see at this show? 
CB: I'm gonna have 20-30 pieces Ive done over the past year and a half for zines or various projects. Pretty much all of them are sharpie on vellum, and a couple are sharpie on fancy paper. I heard theres gonna be beer, burgers, and a band too.
 MB: How did you get your start in visual art? 

CB: I was always encouraged to express myself, and drawing stuck early on. My mom was a metalhead, so I was raised on that scene, comic books, skateboarding, cartoons, horror movies, all that kind of stuff was seen as expression and art. So, a steady diet of that, and, its pretty much a free way to entertain yourself.

 MB: Who are your favorite artists?
CB: Ooooh, too many. Esad Ribic, Junji Ito, Egon Schiele. I'll keep it at those three for now, or else I'll be typing all night.

 MB: Favorite musicians?
CB: Lately, Ive been listening to Death From Above 1979, Slim Whitman, some old Soundgarden, Every Time I Die, Brenton Wood. I'm pretty much down for anything.

 MB: Anything new to look forward to in the future from Visual Malaise? 
 CB: Well, the Tin Can show, Ive got some stuff with Lurkville Skateboards that should be out soon, and another art show with my very talented friend Taylor Johnson, also known as youngparasites on the intsagram and internet at Gym Standard, July 26th? Its during Comic-Con weekend, so Im pretty sure its Saturday July 26th. Im not sure what else. Im just gonna keep drawing, and see what opportunities come my way!

VISUAL MALAISE opens at Tin Can Tuesday, May 13th at 9 pm. 21+ event, no cover, Doods Foods served til 10 pm, CRYPTIC LANGUAGES perform at 10:30.

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