Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Artist Spotlight: JENNA BOGORAD

I sat down with the lovely and prolific Jenna Bogorad the other night for some wine and bread and pickles (!), and we chatted about her work and upcoming show at the Tin Can Ale House Tuesday, January 8th.

MAGIC BROTHERHOOD: Jenna, your show at the Tin Can features a collection of 60 drawings on Post-it notes. This is only half the entire collection!! How did you get into drawing on a small scale?
JENNA: Well, I went to art school in Boston and after school I got a little burnt out and focused on other things... It got to a point that I was focusing on so many other things that I just didn't have time for art and fell out of the loop completely. I moved back to San Diego and wanted to do something I loved, so I started doing something artistic everyday... the only way to get into [making art] again and do something for myself was doodling on Post-its, since I work a big girl desk job.

MB: So this is a work pasttime?
J: Yes, and it is the perfect outlet for doing art everyday. In fact, the one to two hours a day I spend doodling at work is how I justify getting paid to do art!

MB: That's great. So in a way, this rekindled your love for art again?
J: Yeah, definitely. I wanted to make 100 of them, and didn't want to do it for anyone but myself. It was a means to get back in the swing of things. But you know, pouring out any weird emotions I had onto paper and sharing it [via facebook and tumblr] I got a really good reaction from people. There was one drawing I did early on that was a rainbow and it said "fucker" underneath. I posted it and everyone who saw it thought it was funny and I thought, I'm not the only crazy person that finds really stupid shit funny! Even though I feel kind of isolated in the way I feel about things I feel like we all generally feel the same way.

There you have it, folks. Come check out 60 of these incredible little drawings Tuesday January 8th at the Tin Can Ale House, 9 pm.
Follow Jenna on instagram @jbogo or tumblr @nevergetcold

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Photos from "Head Space"

Shoko Hachiya beside her work.

Glen and Shoko installing the show.

DJ Jordan = stoked.

Shoko's paintings.

Freakout Jam:

Shoko's art show was so much fun! Thank you to the Tin Can for putting on another wonderful Tuesday night art opening, thank you to our DJ Jordan Hammond, Glen for his awesome projection work, Tommy for his dank Doods Foods, Justin Rodriguez for believing in this night, all the folks who came out and played at the first Trippy Tuesday Freakout Jam, Ake for the flyer, all the folks that helped out with supplying equipment for the jam, and everyone who came out and showed love! See you next Trippy Tuesday, folks, January 8th.

Magic Brotherhood

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Artist Spotlight: SHOKO HACHIYA

A very talented friend, Shoko Hachiya will be exhibiting her work next Tuesday, December 11th at the Tin Can Ale House. She will have her incredible paintings hanging on the wall and will be premiering a new film at 9:30 pm. Hope to see you there! Here's a little interview I had with Shoko recently, check it out!

  • ---Shoko, you work in a wide variety of mediums, what was the first form of media you experimented with?
    I bought several colors of india ink and a few acrylic paints when I started painting a few years ago.

    ---You have a show coming up December 11th at the Tin Can. Tell us about the body of work that will be on display there.
    In this show "Head Space," I will be showing a few different series of works that render "head space." These works are visualization of different ways to perceive and process the reality and certain feelings. I read a lot and I love how writers use words literally, metaphorically, realistically, surrealistically and abstractedly etc to construct their stories. In one of his books, Soseki Natsume used the color “red” a lot to describe the main character’s feeling in the end of the book. Kobo Abe repeatedly used “transparent” in the end of The Ark Sakura. Like how writers use visual descriptions to tell stories, I wanted to tell some sort of stories in the “head space” with visual art.
    I will also show an experimental short film at the opening.
    ---You are also affiliated with something called Eagle's Nest Productions. Can you tell us a little about that?
     Eagles Nest Productions is a video production company that Glen Romett and I started. I got a hold of a camera and we sort of spontaneously started documenting local events, making short films and music videos and stuff like that. What’s happening in San Diego’s creative community is very exciting and good quality, so one of the Eagles Nest’s aim is to document them well. We just finished a video for this local band JOY, their whole live set at Casbah, and we are very happy with it. The short film I will show at the opening is also Eagles Nest side of me. All the music in the film is by local San Diego musicians.

    ---What inspires you?
     Books and distinct worldviews and Dali (my cat).

    ---Who are some of your favorite artists?
     Francis Bacon, Jeremy Geddes.

    ---What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future?
    Multimedia attack.