Sunday, July 15, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Valerie Hall

We are very excited to announce that Valerie Hall, a dear friend, is going to start working with Magic Brotherhood! She will be available for catering, art commission, and yoga instruction. She has always been very creative and inspired, and is a true source of light and inspiration to me and Robert. Her work is detailed, intricate, thought-out, meticulous, and stunning. If you would like to reach Valerie please contact Magic Brotherhood Artists Collective.

Hand-sewn stuffed elephant inspired by an original pattern my grandmother created.

Two versions of Valerie's amazing vegan apple pie made with fresh local apples from the farmer's market.

The beginnings of a vegan, gluten free carrot cake made with avocado oil molasses.

A / S / L?
22 / female / Coronado, CA

What kind of work do you do?
I suppose I'm a crafter... oh the horror! When I was "young" my mother and I used to do tons of crafts, mostly sculpty clay, paper and fancy personalized cards. But all of that put together (after painting in high school) lead to ceramics in junior college. BAM! I'm cursed to work with my little bird spider hands. I have taken my OCD to many great heights, such as micro-journaling, hyper-nutrition cooking, itty-origami, dream catchers of all sizes and one-of-a-kind gift packages. 

What inspires you?
... Universal consciousness... the inescapable thought of singularity conflicting with the dualist delusion that we all share and dub as : "human existence."  I cannot help myself from partaking in this addictive, cyclical thought process, that is the constant state of my deranged mind. [But to answer the question I find inspiration from excruciating simple things which cause a grave longing to embellish and highlight with subtle unnecessary things.] 

Who do you look at for inspiration?
I honestly don't know who inspires me half the time. I see incredible work and forget or never caught the artist's name. Usually viewing art takes a two fold execution on my ego, 1) I thought of that! damn it! 2) why didn't I just do it first? I love and hate art (apparently), I love and hate viewing it  and I really love/hate doing it!!!! hahaha! 

What do you love? 
I flirt with the idea of love. I love to be in love. What is love? Have i actually answered any of these questions? I love dream catchers and I make them so tightly they break from the pressure... a balance must be sought or else you'll break the birds delicate wing.  

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