Thursday, March 7, 2013

Artist Spotlight: AYARI KANEZASHI

Spending time with Ayari Kanezashi is like hanging out with a super-cute, high energy anime character. I have never been to a show where she hasn't been dancing the entire night as if she were the only person in the room. She possesses a contagious open-minded excitement and a wide-eyed amusement for life, and it's this energy that is translated into all of her creative outputs. Ayari will have her first solo opening aptly titled 27+.{my way is my way is my way}. next Tuesday night, March 12th at the Tin Can.

Magic Brotherhood: Ayari, you're a pretty cool lady, where are you from? How did you end up here in San Diego?
Ayari: Ahaha. thank you. I grew up in this super chill town Shizuoka in Japan as a baby of 5 siblings . When I was 18, as soon as I graduated from Shizuoka Nishi high school as a little brat not knowing what the heck is happening outside of my world, I left my family and Japan and started my journey to America. I am very lucky that I have my father as a supporter of my decisions.

MB: Have you always been a painter or creator of art?
A: I always loved drawing, but I actually never liked painting. I always thought I sucked at it. But when I started to really enjoy my own life and experience other people's journeys, it kind of  just happened. I started to paint at home while Mike (my boyfriend at the time and now current husband) was jamming with his friend Clay in our bedroom, and I just kinda jammed with my paintings while they played music. Since then I haven't really stopped.

MB: In your recent work, there seem to be references to surrealism, but there is also something organic about the structure and process of your paintings. Can you tell us a little bit about your work? What inspires it?
A: Definitely, meeting somebody inspirational inspires me a lot. I love sharing experiences with other people by dancing, listening, singing, playing and laughing!! I paint in the way I experience my life. I go out and see other people do fun stuff and something unexpected happens and we deal with it and... and we keep going with our lives, just like that. Process matters more than where I am going. I enjoy working on multiple paintings and drawings at the same time (I know you do too), because that way I can keep finding new elements that I didn't even know existed and expand more on them. At least on painting, I can come back to it and make a direct change again and again if I want to; like making memories and histories of my own. I guess that's why I can't stop painting. Too fun.

MB: What sorts of things influence you creatively?
A: So going to local music and art shows influences my art a lot, of course. I live in this house, it's almost like a community house, with a bunch of awesome musicians and artists. So creativity is such a norm around here. And so many our friends visit us to jam or paint, so the inspiration never ends. Definitely the best environment for me to keep creating. Sometimes we have too much fun and get little distracted by that, but it's all about balance. I'm learning that everyday, haha.

MB: Can you describe your creative process a little bit for us? Do you usually have an overall concept in mind when you are first starting a painting?
A: It depends. I believe getting inspiration from day to day life is the first step, and that's the only step I've got. I prefer not having any exact plans usually. After that, I create the space all settled on a canvas and dive into my thoughts. Sometimes I have a very clear idea or vision already, so i just try to recreate that. But that's a rare case. I enjoy that I can feel what happens in that moment and work with that.

MB: What can you tell us about your upcoming show March 12th at the Tin Can?
A: 27+. {My way is my way is my way}. is the title. Believe me, I'm not that pushy, haha. But this is where I am at. "Trying to find my way, starting to know where I am at, oh wow I enjoy it, I will keep doing this!" This show is my first solo art show in San Diego. we have an awesome music jam session with Brian Ellis Group and friends. Which I will dance hard with till the last call:). Also, Balloons is gonna DJ. It's gonna be really fun. I am really excited to see all of my friends and people at the show and I am very excited to see you again. Thank you for the awesome interview:)! It's so awesome that I get to enjoy our 'beat generation' with you.

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