Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Artist Spotlight: JT RHOADES

JT Rhoades is a photographer from North County San Diego. I've seen him at just about every show I've been to in the past year, always in the middle of the crowd, always with camera in hand. JT doesn't just take pictures of bands. JT has the ability to capture live action shots that convey the energy and intensity of the moment they were taken.

The opening of his solo exhibition, DOUBLE EXPOSURE, will be a chance for viewers to experience a collection of some of these incredible photos. The opening night will be at Tin Can, Tuesday October 8 at 9 pm, accompanied by DJ Mikey Ratt spinning heavy jams and live music by The Lumps, the funnest, coolest punk band in San Diego.
Magic Brotherhood sat down to chat with JT about his artwork, and well, here it is----

 MAGIC BROTHERHOOD: JT, I'm stoked you're having an art show at the Tin Can coming up on Tuesday, October 8th
You're going to be showing photographs as well as some cut-out wood photos in this show. What is your background with your medium? 

JT RHOADES: I've only had a small background with wood as a medium, making small 8x10 resined photos. This was a idea that formed from some pieces I've seen before, and some ideas being tested out with my friend Riley.MB: Your work is so reminiscent of psychedelic rock and roll, and also skate culture. Do you think it would be possible for your work to be made outside of Southern California?  

JT: For sure. I believe it's being done everywhere. I've traveled on trips in the US skateboarding with friends and have seen a lot of stuff that inspires me to do different things.

MB: What inspired you to start making the cut-out wood pieces? 

JT: I've been trying to come up with ways of how to present my photos. Framing is just too normal. Resin photos on wood have always caught my eye, and after making a few square ones I wanted to see something different, so I started shaping the wood to the subject in the photo. It was an idea that seemed epic.MB: It does seem epic, can't wait to see it in person! What can we expect to see next from you, JT?   

JT: I have tons of ideas and a ton of stuff going on.  A music book could be cool if I could get on a few tours with rad bands and also go to some epic festivals. I really wanna make a coffee table book also, just interesting photos of my friends and stuff. As long as I keep moving, shooting some film, hanging with my friends, I'll have something getting planned out.

MB: Who are some of your favorite artists/musicians?
 JT: I'm a huge fan of all types of music. Sleep, Earthless, BB King , John Lee Hooker, Ghetto Boys, Scott H Biram. My favorite bands though are my friends, local bands like Harsh Toke, Sacri Monti, Joy, Arctic.
JT Rhoades' solo exhibition DOUBLE EXPOSURE opens at the Tin Can on Tuesday, October 8th at 9 pm.
No cover, 21+ 
DJ Mikey Ratt 

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