Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Artist Spotlight: PAUL REMUND aka LIGHT VISION

Paul Remund is a superbly introspective guy with a unique sensibility about his art practice. I suppose he might be what's know as a "multi-media artist", being that his work spans music, sound, sculpture, painting, woodworking, and performance. He's been an acquaintance for many years and I'm so bummed we are only just getting to know each other because he is about to move away to New York! :) :`(

February 12th is the night of his opening at the Tin Can and days later he will be in his new home New York, so come out and bid farewell and check out the performance piece and sounds brought to you by Light Vision.

Magic Brotherhood: I'm so excited to be collaborating with you on this show! Tell us about what Light Vision will be doing that night.
Paul Remund: In the last couple mouths I have gone through a lot of life change. Between all of these changes including a relationship end, an artistic collaboration end, quitting my job, a birthday, and planning a move to New York, I began to realize that my independence as a person was nonexistent. This performance will express this very thing through performance and sound.

MB: You were involved in a project called Cathedral X. What inspired that project?
PR: Cathedral X was a project that began with Amanda Schoepflin and Jessica Jeffrey. I joined after its birth and brought an element of sound art and instrumentalism. The project inspirations and concepts were formed to express the human self in its purest most intimate state.

MB: What inspires you?
PR: Inspirations are most always found after exhausting an idea or sound concept... I find that my inspirations come from present situations and relationships and expressing introspective feelings.

Listen to Light Vision on SoundCloud.
Check out Paul Remund's tumblr and also at Cargo Collective.
Like Light Vision on facebook.

Oh yeah, and come to the Tin Can Tuesday February 12th for the opening night of TRANSAGES and give Mr. Remund a proper good bye hug.


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