Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Artist Spotlight: MARK FLOOD

[groin/face with girl], 1986
By all appearances it seems Mark Flood strongly dislikes most things; consumer culture, celebrities, "real" art, the "art world", mass culture, appearing at his own art openings (he has hired stand-ins to appear at all his openings for the past 20 years). Flood started making anti-consumer culture art in the 80's as well as playing in an experimental punk band aptly named Culturcide.
Just Say Drugs, 1993
International Postcard, 2009


Over time his work has evolved from bawdy collages of disfigured celebrities and smut imagery, to crudely painted signs, billboards and public property, to his most recent "lace paintings". These delicate renderings of lace shrouds are by far his most restrained work yet, and what Flood describes as his transition from "hateful paintings" to "beautiful paintings". Nevertheless, Mark Flood will be the first to tell you that even though at 54 he is finally able to support himself solely from his artwork, there is still a little "hate".

ENJOY BLOOD, c. 2002
Cottonwoods, 2010
Earthly Delights, 2009

Photos courtesy of Peres Projects and Zach Feuer Gallery.

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