Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Artist Spotlight: AKE ARNDT

Arist Ake Arndt performing as Operation:MINDBLOW

Ake Arndt’s upcoming solo exhibition, “Sorry I Didn’t Know You Had a Condition” opens Tuesday, July 9th at the Tin Can and will feature a collection of Arndt’s past work as well as several never-before-seen paintings.
Arndt has been a part of the art and local skateboarding scene for the last 15 years, his most recognizable work being a distinct collection of show and event fliers. He initially began making fliers for his own band several years ago, collaging images together by hand, but not long after other bands took an interest in his work and he began making fliers for their shows as well. Much of the fliers he creates now are vibrant digital collage that pay homage to the Surrealist, Pop, and psychedelic art movements.
Arndt’s homage to the psychedelic extends beyond 2-D artwork. He also performs in “an all analog liquid light show” known as Operation:MINDBLOW with partner Josh Bohannon. The duo produces bright, hallucinogenic backdrops for live shows with the use of overhead projectors, oils, and dyes, and have worked with several music festivals and shows in and around southern California.
In addition to the work Arndt is displaying Tuesday night at Tin Can, he will also be performing with heavy psych project California666 around 10 pm. "Sorry I Didn't Know You Had a Condition" opens July 9th at Tin Can and is sure to be a trippy and spectacular occasion. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more info, email Ake Arndt: operationmindblow@gmail.com

Check out more Ake here.

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