Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's Op?

During the early 1960's a fateful convergence between mod fashion and the Op art movement happened. The explosion of this style was so fast and so popular that often times, people don't realize that the artists creating the original work were never recognized. In fact most of them were completely against the commercial exploitation of their work.

Bridget Riley, the op artist who created the image above, tried to sue a well-known designer for infringement after seeing one of her designs on his dresses, but was sadly, unsuccessful.

textile designed by Barbara Brown for Heals

There were however, a few textile companies during the 1960's such as Heal's, Edinburgh Weavers and Hull Traders that commissioned and credited artists who designed textile prints. These fabrics were used in furniture as well as fashion.

Op Art-inspired fashion did not stay en vogue long, it was preceded by the late 60's psychedelic, organic patterns. And while I firmly believe credit should be given to artists when it is due, suffice to say I have been really inspired by this Op fashion lately:

André Courrèges

For more info on Op Art

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