Monday, December 23, 2013

Artist Spotlight: £¥£ G∆†O

£¥£ G∆†O aka Jose Gustavo Zamarripa-Munoz, used to curate the Tin Can before Magic Brotherhood. He left to the Bay Area and now is back and putting together an amazing solo exhibition opening Tuesday, January 14... at Tin Can of course! I got to sit down with £¥£ G∆†O to discuss his work, his time in the Bay Area, and his upcoming show •• H∆†CH •• .

                                    MagicBrotherhood: First and foremost, you've got a solo show coming up Tuesday January 14 at the Tin Can. Can you talk a little bit about the work that ill be exhibited? 

£¥£ G∆†O: I’m really excited to display some of the collaborations that were created over the last year in the Bay Area. All the work is a product of mix media, found objects and recycled art. I was really inspired by the street art in the Bay Area as well as the new friendships I developed at work. It [the body of work] was really challenging, as most of this pieces were collaborations. Every single artist approached a new angle, a new challenge, a new set of eyes and growth.

MB: What was the inspiration for the show's name, H∆†CH?

£: The last art piece that I created before I moved back [to San Diego] is called Hatch and just simply describes how I feel about my art at this moment. The Bay Area had a great impact on my life; it felt like I was breaking out of an eggshell. I experienced a new side of my art there that I never had before.

MB: You work with many different types of mediums. When did you first begin making art? Did the mediums you used initially inspire you to try other forms of artmaking?

£: As a kid I used to doodle the Ninja Turtles on my bedroom walls. That’s one of my most fond memories of doing art. Later in life I would recreate some of my favorite cartoon characters with paper and pencil. It wasn’t until 2004 that I was able to let my imagination flow on paper. My main tools throughout the first years were paper, ink and pencil. The art got more experimental after I went to college, [inspired] by my peers and art teachers. Every new medium has brought a new approach to try something crazier without limits.

MB: You are the former curator of the Tin Can, I am so happy that you're doing this show and we're meeting! Did that experience o putting together art shows influence your own practice at all? Did you have a good time curating?

£: I’m also very stoked to meet you and happy to see how creative you been with the shows you have curated.

  Every single art show has been an unforgettable experience.  I always had a great time working with new musicians and artists. Each show had a great impact on my life and has definitely influenced my growth as an artist and curator.
MB: What type of art were you making while in the Bay Area?

£: A lot of mixed media, recycled, street art, some digital photography, collaborations!!!

MB: Who are some of your favorite artists? Favorite local artists?
Favorite musicians?

£: Alex Pardee, Skinner, Gats, Sawmpy, Nicholas Di Genova, Camille Rose Garcia, Guyletattoer, Space Invader, Audrey Kawasaki, Cannondill , Monster Aesthetics just to name a few.

Favorite local artist: Mathew Land, Rogers, King Tubb, Bills Kills All, Fungus, Justin Cota, Chikle ,  Eddy Berducido.

Favorite musicians : Gloomsday, Primitive Noyes, Mystery Cave, Killer Swan.

MB: What can we look forward to from £¥£ G∆†O?

£: Clothing line, zines, prints, patches, coloring book, stickers, sculptures, maybe some tattooing, surprises, and plenty of new art work.

For more info on £¥£ G∆†O visit:

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