Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Artist Spotlight: CHULAFACE

Chulaface, aka Ashlona, aka Ashley is a totally adorable and talented lady, and she is having her first-ever solo exhibition Tuesday, February 11 at the Tin Can. We got to talking a little bit about her show, and a bunch of other juicy stuff as well. Check out our interview here:

Magic Brotherhood: Your first solo art show is coming up Feb 11 at Tin Can, and I am so super stoked for you! What have you been working on for this exhibition?
Chulaface: Lots of new stuff. New paintings, a few black-and-white illustrations. Some Teen Angels Magazine inspired pieces. I've been really into the whole mi vida loca, low rider art kinda stuff for a while now. Tryin' to see where I can incorporate it into my own style. Um..what else? A Virgin Mary Tina.. Boobs. Lots of boobs and crystals. 

MB: You're under the moniker Chulaface. What is the origin of this name?
CHULA: Nickname given to me a few years back by my off and on again, and again, and again "boyfriend" Aldo. I used to just go by Ashlona, a nickname given to me by an older homegirl I use to smoke with after work when I was like 18. She said Ashley sounded too much like a white valley girl name. So she made up a new one and it just kinda stuck. 
Chulaface fits me better, I think. Aldo was my first really Mexican boyfriend and before him I wasn't really into pet names.. but I don't know, something about hearing them in Spanish just made me melt. So no matter what's going on between us I use it. It came from a sweet place and it always makes me smile. It's mine.. It's me on a good day. I still really love him and the time we've spent together. I guess simple words can really change things coming from the right person. He's had a very positive influence on my artwork and character in general. 
I've honestly had a shit ton of nicknames though, second favorite is "Lil Chips" for sure. 

MB: What are some things that inform you when you are making your work?
CHULA: Beautiful women. Sexy curves. Big hair, big boobs. Make up. Old prison art I used to see on the walls of my Tia's bedroom growing up. Love letters. Lots of bad decisions. Lots of hurt feelings. All my blessings. Finding the perfection in the imperfections.
MB: When did you start making art?
CHULA: I've been drawing ever since I can remember. It's always come naturally. It's kinda the only thing I'm really really good at. I remember showing work in a few small art shows when I was in grade school and being in the newspaper at least 4 or 5 times for various art accomplishments in high school.
But I didn't start live painting or really giving a fuck if anyone saw my work until college. That's when I joined CA (Creative Aesthetics), an art group made up of painters, illustrators, graff writers, musicians, live performers etc. in LA. We all support each other, and share gig info. 
Agapito, the founder and I have been friends for years now, I guess you could say he's my art mentor. He keeps me hungry, always reminding me to push on and work harder; challenge myself. He also makes me yummy home-cooked dinners when I'm broke and babysits my puppy when I go out of town. Art friends forever. CA everyday.

MB: How has your work developed over time?
CHULA: More detail, intricate patterns, more color. Right now I've been trying to create more of an environment for my figures, to try and tell more of a story rather than just floating.
I wasted 3 years in design college. Didn't learn a damn thing. I wasn't focused, and it was hard. Too much to remember and I am not a people pleaser. I just didn't care enough I guess.
Drawing and painting on the other hand have always been my passion and have always been fun for me. No matter how tedious it can be, sitting quietly painting is when I feel the most fulfilled. So gonna just stick to that from now on.   
I get stuck sometimes just painting "pretty" paintings but I'm working on being a bigger risk taker. Fuck it, if it's not prefect just keep working. Always growing, moving forward. 

MB: Favorite artists?
CHULA: Elrod, Neckface, Pedro Perez, Glenn Arthur... I LOVE Ise Ananphada's work! Namio Harukawa!!!  The list gose on and on. 

MB: Favorite music?
CHULA: Kinda hate this question. There's no right answer. I'm not a music nerd. I like all kinds of stuff. 
I like getting drunk and dancing the night away with my gays. 
Sometimes I like listening to the same lame heartbroken pop song over and over again laying in bed crying over something stupid. 

I love music videos though, even the bad ones! Sometimes I think I should have gone to film school instead. 

MB: Favorite curse word and why?
CHULA: Fuck.. Yeah I'm gonna say fuck. That's fucking amazing! That's so fucking stupid. It works for everything. 

MB:Is there anything new in the works for Chulaface we can look forward to?
CHULA: Lots of colorful penises and hopefully a lot more shows.. Thats all I'll say for now. :) 
Chulaface's show I JUST WANT TO CRY ALL DAY & PARTY ALL NIGHT opens Tuesday, February 11 at the Tin Can. The show begins at 9 pm, no cover. 21+

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